goldendoodle breeders in nc

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Considering the number of these favorable factors in puppies, these breed happens to be a popular ones. The Goldendoodle breeders Florida are popular among the pet lovers because it never shed and do remain as hypoallergenic to the ones with allergies. You cannot be completely sure that these dogs will not shed as their litter differs from others. The Golden doodle is often used for seeing the eye dogs for the ones having some allergies. The other interesting thing about these breed of dogs is that they can be found in different sizes. The standard ones come at 50 to 90 Lbs weight and of 20 to 29 inches.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Will need a quick brushing/combing about once a month depending on the density and length of the coat.

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goldendoodle breeders in nc

“ And the results are animals with a variety of ills — German shepherds with hip dysplasia, short snouted dogs that can't breathe well and are intolerant of heat e. ”