goldendoodle rescue norcal

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However, you want to do your homework first!If you choose a good breeder you should be able to go on the property and look at your choice of puppy at 6 wks. of age no sooner. The breeder should also be willing to show you mom and dad of pups. I don't think there is such thing as a non allergenic dog. Barley does not shed!His dad is std poodle and mom gld retriever. He has SOME curl. The tighter the curl the less shedding they have. Temperament: AWESOME!Dedicated family dog, even temperament, and very loving!He is corky and funny. Be smart on your breeder and ASK questions then listen carefully to their answers. Don't rush your decision just for the sake of wanting a goldendoodle!Goldendoodles will change looks as they get older, so look at pics. There fur needs more care then what most articles say.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Take away their profits.

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goldendoodle rescue norcal

“ The Goldendoodle is generally a very friendly and people oriented breed, much like both of its parents. ”