goldendoodles for sale in kansas city area

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Doesn't hold dirt and sand, not matted at all. It's wonderful!She is getting redder. Her tail, face, and legs are much more red, and there is darker red at the base of her coat, so I think she will become more red with time. Yea!She is a happy, curious, playful, and a very smart puppy. She sits and comes very well. I had her doing well with jumping when someone enters, but she has started up again. as she is more aware. Looks our windows now. We will work on more manners as she is more ready. We are putting in a taller metal fence and creating a much bigger yard for her, so that will make her happy. She loves NH with the lake and is free to run.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

We've adopted wonderful pets before but this a first, in terms of travel to his new home.

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goldendoodles for sale in kansas city area

“ We are very excited to be the first breeder of 'Petite' Goldendoodles, which have the same characteristics as larger Goldendoodles but in a smaller package!They are likely to average around 14 inches to the shoulder, and we can more or less guarantee that no Standard size puppies will appear in a litter of Petites. ”